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Spalted Maple Coffee Table/Bench


Subtle has its place, but not with this spectacular piece! Incredible graining in this maple is a showstopper, and it works as a bench or as a coffee table. You decide!

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Bookmatched wood slabs are two successive cuts from the same tree where the two adjoining surfaces give the impression of an “opened book.” This book must be part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, because we see an Ent in the graining--do you? This statement-making coffee table can be seen in our showroom; text Troy to make an appt.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Straight and narrow--there's a time and a place for it, but not with this coffee table. Live edges, with a distinctive jut at one end, place this piece at the front of the pack!

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Blue Resin


Unforgettable. That's what this coffee table is, and always will be. How amazing to see the life this tree had, right there in front of you, with all of its lines and curves. Add in the blue waters of the resin, and you have Nature captured in a moment, in this piece.

Hickory Coffee Table


The name "hickory" derives from a Native American word in an Algonquian language. "Hickory wood is hard, stiff, dense and shock resistant. There are woods stronger than hickory and woods that are harder, but the combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness found in hickory wood is not found in any other commercial wood." (Important Trees of Eastern Forests, USDA, 1974.) We used a book matched pair of hickory slabs, complete with curved live edges, to create this warm, inviting coffee table. Black walnut bowties add structural and decorative flair.

Ash Coffee Table


Ash is light in color, but super strong, prized by furniture makers. This live edge slab had a crevice to which we added black walnut butterfly joints (bow ties), both for strength and decoration. Trapezoid legs add that modern flair.

Pine Bench


This double live edge pine bench is anything but ordinary. It's super wide, so pull it up to the table for extra seating. Or, it's a coffee table for game night. How about in the entry, so you can sit down and take your shoes off? Lots of ways this bench can work in your home.

Black Walnut Coffee Table w/Black Resin


Strong and durable, black walnut is considered a most valuable timber tree. Its heartwood is a rich, dark brown color. Set off by the lighter sapwood, we sealed the deal with a wide, black resin inlay right in the middle.

Black Walnut Coffee Table


Praised for its strength, grain, and color, black walnut is prized by woodworkers and homeowners alike. This thick, live-edge coffee table has a unique, hand-rubbed oil finish that will develop a lustrous patina over the years. We set this on modern metal "Z" legs, for a refined rustic flair.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Your eyes will just keep moving as they follow the curves of this coffee table. With loads of spalting (dark graining), it's set off with hairpin legs.

Maple Circle Slab Coffee Table


This maple slab had a crevice that some might say relegated it for firewood--not us!! Now it's a petite coffee table with river rocks encased in clear resin. And for good luck, we added an Irish coin from our travels!

Pine River's Edge Coffee Table


Locally harvested pine, with all its knots and graining and movement, is centered by a clear resin river, filled with rocks. A story based on wood and water is ancient, yet never gets old. This coffee table will keep telling its story for years to come.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Not too big, not too small--this coffee table is jusssst right! Loads of spalting, live edges, and character for days. See this in our showroom!

Honey Locust Coffee Table w/Black Resin


Forked branches don't usually make a great coffee table, but this honey locust, accented with black resin in the crevices, begs to differ. Amply-sized to fit drinks, games, and your propped-up feet, it's an out-of-the ordinary choice. Smart you.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Black Resin


This one will take your breath away. The spalted maple burl, with all its twists and turns, is elegantly encased in black resin. Text Troy at 715.498.8032--you're gonna want to see this in person!

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


Live edges connect us to the tree itself; its rhythms, its movement, its glory. Double live edges give you twice the joy! The wide, heavy-duty trapezoid legs add the refined to the rustic.