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Spalted Maple Coffee Table


There is so much to see in this spalted maple coffee table: tons of graining, black resin inlay, and spalting. It most definitely will make a statement in your home!

Honey Locust Coffee Table


We love wood. One of the joys we have is being able to work with and create using varied species. This time, it's honey locust's turn to inspire us, and that, she did. This coffee table's grain and live edges show some of the story within; pretty neat.

Oak Coffee Table


Three boards over 2" thick each were buried under a pile in a garage, milled decades ago by a carpenter, recently passed. We thought they were oak due to the heft, but were sure surprised by the tight graining and ribbons in this dense white oak. We joined the three, and now you see the Scandinavian flair of this coffee table, ready for your home.

Red Elm Bench/Coffee Table


American elm trees are not that common anymore, and these slabs are even better with distinct red marks within the graining. Complete with double live edges and set off by metal "H" legs, this most definitely makes a statement in your home.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


"I got you." Whatever you ask of this statement coffee table, it has your back. Game night--pizza party--dinner and a movie--family relaxing with feet up--all covered. Natural river rock embedded in clear resin will take your breath away. Quadruple live edge oak from right here in central WI at almost 3' x 4' makes this table the centerpiece of your room.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


Our family cabin is on 40 wooded acres near Waupaca. Luckily enough, there are several fence lines of rock farmers stacked decades ago. So we created a River's Edge coffee table for the cabin, to reflect the pairing of stone and wood. We can customize a table for you, using stones, coins, shells your family has collected thru the years.

Box Elder Circle Slab Coffee Table


Cookie cutter. Same old, same old. NOT this beauty! Urban lumber from Green Bay, WI, this circle slab of box elder maple brings the world of nature right in your home. Make your world more interesting by choosing pieces created by people who live near by, who are dedicated to bringing the wonder of wood to you.

Oak Bench/Coffee Table


Rooted in tradition, yet has today's flair--that's this oak bench to a T. Tons of character, with a spalted curve at one edge just to throw in some sass.

Spalted Maple w/Black Resin Coffee Table


Sleek and streamlined, this spalted maple coffee table doesn't scream style. Instead, it oozes it, from its epoxied top to the black resin accentuating the graining to the metal "H" legs--it's all here, ready when you are.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


At your service--this slim maple bench will fit in just about anywhere you need it. This live-edge slab has a flowy, dark/light graining that is subtle, yet oozes style. Where will it fit in your home?

Ash Coffee Table


Recovered in central WI, this downed ash now takes center stage in your home as a show-stopping coffee table. Stand-out graining is accented with cherry bow tie detail. Statement live edges and substantial hairpin legs come together in this one-of-a-kind coffee table, ready for your home.

Box Elder Maple Coffee Table


When you choose authentic (people +/or materials) with character, you won't ever regret that decision. This box elder circle slab's complex grain holds your attention, so you can focus on the beauty that is nature.

Oak Bench w/Black Resin Inlay


This may be the best seat in the house, as it's locally harvested oak fancied up with black resin inlaid in select areas. Set atop substantial metal "H" legs, it's ready for sittin'!

Willow Live Edge Slab Coffee Table


Soothing. Grounded. Removing the bark from this willow slab showcases the smooth ins and outs of this tree's life. Adding nature to your space is a calming, reflective design decision.

Cherry Coffee Table


First time we've worked with cherry, and she's a beaut! Curved and cupped to begin with, it's a coffee table with Scandinavian flair. Check it out in our showroom!

Burr Oak Coffee Table


Recliner at the end of your sectional, yet you'd like a coffee table with character that fits in the space? Two chairs ready for conversation, yet you'd like a table for drinks in front? Look no further--it's right here in our showroom, in all its burr oak glory.