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Hickory Bench/Coffee Table


Straight grain, solid, and tons of beauty to boot, this wide hickory bench also doubles as a coffee table. Square tubing trapezoid legs modernize the look.

Spalted Maple Circle Slab Coffee Table


Slim, full of character, and ready to steal the show in whatever room you place it. Spalted maple, locally sourced, finished with care--see this gem in our showroom!

Spalted Maple River's Edge Coffee Table


Nature does it best, as evident in this River's Edge coffee table, River rock is ensconced in clear resin, set off by the unique graining of the maple. Handcrafted metal legs from an artist in Poland really seal the deal.

Maple Coffee Table


Live edges to write home to mama--that's what sets apart this maple coffee table from other wannabees. The modern trapezoid legs add the refined to rustic. Now, it's ready for you to make it yours.

Spalted Maple River's Edge Coffee Table


This spalted maple slab had a huge crevice in the center, so we filled it with river rock and embedded it in clear resin. Now it makes quite a statement as a coffee table, ready for your home!

Hickory Coffee Table w/River Rocks


This hickory coffee table is not only furniture, it's a piece of art. The sweeping live edges have rivets of dark resin, and the center is inlaid with river rocks in clear resin. It's set off by golden mid-century modern legs that really elevate the look.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Traditional maple becomes spalted when moisture gets in and causes abstract black lines. This coffee table is full of character, and is really set off by the metal "Z" legs that give the table extra flair.

Black Walnut Coffee Table


What makes this black walnut coffee table unique are the double curves on the outside edges, where the branches came out of the trunk. Straight and narrow may not always be the best choice!

Spalted Maple Bench/Coffee Table


Surprisingly hefty, yet sleek in stature, this bench also doubles as a coffee table. See this in our showroom!

Spalted Maple Circle Slab Bench/Coffee Table


Sliced from a maple that has spalted, leaving darker coloring and graining, this bench may be diminutive in size, but it is super dense. Ideal for a bench or smaller coffee table, you will love the up-close and personal touch of nature in your home.

Ash River's Edge Coffee Table


Whoa, this substantial beauty holds up whatever you want to put on it--pizza, game night, your feet! Nature says water can mix with wood, as seen in this River's Edge coffee table, where the live edges of the ash meet with the rocks and clear resin. Thick metal trapezoid legs add to the industrial modern vibe.

Aspen Bench/Coffee Table


Aspen trees are special because they regenerate along their roots, resulting in many genetically identical trees, called a "clone". This aspen bench has great coloring, with substantial width set off by wide flat metal legs.

Spalted Maple w/Caribbean Blue Resin Coffee Table


Looking for a coffee table for their vacation home, these clients were inspired by a piece in our showroom. Yet, it wasn't quite the size they needed. Here's where custom comes in--we created a spalted maple coffee table with the exact shade of blue they loved, and made it to fit their sectional space. In-process photos showing every step of the build completes the experience, and surely adds to the story of this piece.

Spalted Maple w/Black Resin Coffee Table


Affectionately named "Wild Thing' by Troy, this custom coffee table is officially the largest we've made to date. The spalting is intense, and is set off by the smooth black resin in the center. Won't this make a focal point in the family's media room?!

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/River Rocks in Clear Resin


Troy saw this spalted maple slab with a sizable hole in it, and said, "Let's fill this with river rocks, clear resin, and how about some coins?" It's now your lucky day, because there are Irish coins embedded in this beauty, just in time for the leprechauns!

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Caribbean Blue Resin


Room to spread out, with feet propped up. Piles of books on the table. Loads of games. Pizza and beverages. This spalted maple coffee table can do it all, and the flash of Caribbean blue resin down the center adds the pizazz your home deserves.