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Spalted Maple w/Black Resin Coffee Table


Artwork for your home that isn't on the wall, it's on the floor in front of your sofa--how cool is that! This coffee table has loads of graining, with black resin poured in several crevices, giving the piece modern rustic appeal. Super-sturdy metal "H" legs seal the deal.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Strong lines, with handcrafted details. This spalted maple coffee table offers loads of character. Pair it with a spalted maple end table or console table, and really welcome nature into your home.

Oak River's Edge Coffee Table


Ola I Ka Wai: Water is Life. This coffee table puts you on the river's edge, securely in place with sleek, mid century tapered legs. It's a striking piece of furniture, ready to welcome you home.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Black Resin Inlay


A forward-thinking home relies on the good bones pieces with a story provide. Take this recovered spalted maple slab; pair it with a beautiful black resin inlay; then add industrial style with the flat metal legs. That's charisma and charm for years to come!

River Rock Spalted Maple Coffee Table


This piece takes you back in time, when you (perhaps) hung out by the edge of the river, skipping stones without a care in the world. Spalted maple with river rock selectively added leads to a natural yet refined coffee table. Epoxied for durability, it also gives it a mirrored finish. See this in our showroom!

Black Walnut Coffee Table


Attention to detail matters. Troy is fond of saying: "How you do anything is how you do everything." Adding these structural yet also ornamental bow ties out of spalted maple elevates the black walnut. Rightly so.

Hackberry Coffee Table


Not only does the hackberry tree have several aliases: sugarberry, beaverwood, nettleberry, it also has a long history of use by the Native Americans for both food and medicine. A cousin to the elm, we see a beautiful coloring to this slab, enhanced by the black resin inlaid in the multiple crevices.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


A touch of black heightens the drama and elevates the decor. This spalted maple table has black resin inlaid in select areas, and it makes the distinctive graining stand out all the more. We finished it with a coat of epoxy over the entire top, sealing in the pearlescence.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


After living in this vacation home for decades, the owners are taking the time to renovate it for generations to come. Making the decision to furnish the home deliberately, with handcrafted pieces with a story, led them to us. Together, we created 7' of live edge coffee tables, with a statement-making ribbon of river rock flowing right down the center.

Black Walnut Bench


Black walnut is one of the most durable hardwoods in the US, and is highly prized for its dark-colored, straight grain. You'll love the warm sheen and practicality these benches add to your home. One now available.

1920's Beam Coffee Table


Reinterpreted for today, we gave these 1920's beams a fresh turn with some TLC and retro hairpin legs. Warm, century-old coloring can't be duplicated; it's the real deal. Compact size lets you customize placement, with two available.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Phenomenal graining on this live edge maple slab packs a lot of style into one coffee table. We added black resin, following the inherent lines, to both stabilize and enhance the piece.

Box Elder Coffee Table


With a pronounced live edge and a warm, caramel tone, this box elder maple quietly hums its own tune, centering the room.

Black Walnut Bench/Coffee Table


Modern touches of timeless beauty--that's what these two live edge black walnut benches offer. Also used as coffee tables, these are the beautiful details your home deserves.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Pronounced graining and subtle rounded live edges set this coffee table apart. On hairpin legs, it packs in the charm in a compact space.

Barn Wood Slatted Bench


Space. Sometimes it what's you don't have that makes all the difference. Take a jumbled page of gibberish, reconfigure it with ample space, and you might have a stellar poem or piece of art. These slatted benches, with 1" spaces between the 85-year-old barn boards, are like that, allowing ample time to appreciate their history. Can be used for display (we made a 5' one for ourselves under a bank of windows), or as a low-profile bench or coffee table.