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River's Edge Coffee Table


Sometimes we both have the same idea when we look at a slab of wood, imagining its possibilities. That's what happened with this piece of oak. There was a sizable split off center, and rather than simply cutting out the split and making do with small lengths, we both saw the beauty in what was there. Emphasizing the split by filling it with river rock in resin, what could have been a fault is now this table's strength.

Pine Slab Coffee Table w/ Slatted Bench


Rugged. Solid. Substantial. This distinctive coffee table can take all you give it, and more. Put your feet up, have a pizza party, throw some dice or a rousing game of Jenga--this table has you covered, with beautiful storage below.

Oval Slab Pine Coffee Table


Take an almost 4" thick pine slab from Black Creek and partner it with barn wood from a 1935 barn near Green Bay, and you now have history remade in a custom-created coffee table for this active family. At the client's request, we wood-burned the location and dates of this reclaimed wood, so the stories live on.

Box Elder Maple Coffee Table


Wood works. Centering the conversation around this slab of box elder creates a treehouse-like feeling, comfortable, secure, and nestled in your own home surrounded by the beauty of nature. Put your feet up on this table and ponder the life this tree had, sharing your stories with family and friends.

Box Elder Maple Coffee Table


After debarking and hours of sanding, this box elder maple quietly plays to its strengths, inviting you to contemplate the ins and outs of this tree, and its life. Resting on the flat metal hairpin legs, this coffee table centers the room, grounding the space in beauty.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


Pyrenees, Everest, Alps, even closer to home Granite Peak--which mountains do you see in the spalting? This locally harvested maple beautifully covers the expansive top, so why stop there? We added a lower shelf with maple reclaimed from a 1960's home in the area, for even more style and function.

Box Elder Maple Slab Coffee Table


Mother Nature got it right. We polished up this box elder maple slab, leaving the crevices and enhancing the movement. It's one of our most stunning pieces to date, taking your breath away.

Century Beam Bench/Coffee Table


Earlier this summer we connected with an amazing carpenter who had saved these beams for thirty years from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI. Turns out he knew Troy's grandpa and uncle, and shared stories of years past with us. That's what we love about what we do: connecting with others who share our love of reclaiming history to make more memories with family and friends. This beam bench brings a century of stories to you.

Beam Coffee Table


Saved for decades by a retired carpenter, these beams were recovered from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI. We removed multiple square nails as we created this coffee table, confirming the century-old date. We kept the hand-notched opening, as it may make a handy remote holder. This piece, with its visible dovetail mortise and tenon openings will serve your family and history well.

Ocean View Oak Coffee Table


Wood and water don't mix?--can't say that's the case when you gaze at this custom coffee table. Multiple pours of cobalt blue resin placed between the double live edges say otherwise. This table was custom created for a couple using their own stain, joining four other tables we've made for their home.

Pine Circle Slab Coffee Table


Let out that pent-up breath, and reeee-lax. This slab cut from a whopper of a white pine adds quiet simplicity and strength. It's a piece that will become part of your family.

Ocean View Resin Coffee Table


You can get lost without ever leaving home, looking at the cobalt blue waves captured between the smooth oak slabs. This piece is sized to fit in any number of places, sure to garner attention.

Beam Coffee Table


Smack dab in the middle of---the conversation, game night, nacho fest, football--you name it, this history-filled coffee table centers the room. Over eighty years old, the beams resonate strength and security, while the legs provide modern flair.

Ocean View Coffee Table


Renoir, Monet, van Gogh, painters who chose to use cobalt blue in their landscapes, would appreciate this maple coffee table. We used smaller live edge slabs of maple and set them off in a stunning frame of cobalt blue resin in a modern take on refined rustic sure to take pride of place in your home.

Willow "Cookie" Coffee Table


A symbol of immortality and rebirth in China, this slice of willow brings nature right past your doorstep and into your home. It's compact enough to fit in a variety of settings, and robust enough to make the statement you've been looking for.

Pine Bench/Coffee Table


Multi-tasking gets a lot of press these days, but what if it's true? One piece of furniture CAN do so many things. This rustic beauty is a coffee table, a bench in the foyer, an instant window seat, holds your clothes/pillows/whatever at the foot of your bed, seats loads at the table, you name it! It's in our showroom, ready for you to bring it home.