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Pine Bench/Coffee Table


Multi-tasking gets a lot of press these days, but what if it's true? One piece of furniture CAN do so many things. This rustic beauty is a coffee table, a bench in the foyer, an instant window seat, holds your clothes/pillows/whatever at the foot of your bed, seats loads at the table, you name it! It's in our showroom, ready for you to bring it home.

Maple Slab Coffee Table


Paul Bunyan, "a lumberjack of gigantic stature and size with titanic power and strength", would LOVE this massive maple slab coffee table. Harvested in Green Bay, WI, this tree-turned-coffee table commands attention, filling your room with oohs and aahs.

Maple Slab Coffee Table


On Wisconsin! This table resembles our home state in all its glory, as this live edge thick-slab maple top declares its hometown pride with a solid reminder of the beauty of our woodlands. Even more impressive in person--come check it out!

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


'I may be a twin, but I am one of a kind." ~Jerry Smith
We think that's doubly true of our maple benches, as:
1. They are made of the same slab of wood, with grain variations.
2. They function as both benches and/or coffee tables.
3. One has barn wood insets from a 1935 barn in Angelica, WI. (Can you spot which one?)
Ready for a place in your home!

Oak Coffee Table


A recipe for success: Classic Gray stain on a double live-edge oak top set apart with solid, flat metal hairpin legs. It's a fresh take on modern rustic, handcrafted to last.

Oak Coffee table with Cobalt Resin Inlay


Sittin' on the dock of the bay--no wait, you're in your own home gazing at the beauty of the cobalt blue embedded in this oak coffee table. Framed by double live edges, this piece is a stunner.

Oak Coffee Table


This oak coffee table brushes your room with nature, calmly and with purpose, sized to fit 'most anywhere.

Oak Slab Coffee Table


Starting with a double live edge oak slab top and ending with a client-inspired inverted trapezoid base, this custom coffee table delivers understated style with ease.

Legend Maple Coffee Table


Can't you hear the sounds of the forest?--leaves gently rustling, snow melting off the branches, and then the stillness that calms and reassures you. This maple coffee table transports you there, and then brings you right back home.

Cedar Coffee and End Table


Take four comfy chairs, center them around this stunning round cedar coffee table, and slide in an end table to hold a lamp and drinks. Sounds like a recipe for relaxation! These pieces were custom created for our clients--what a great collaboration!

Black Walnut Tables


A bevy of black walnut beauties await you, as we've created three tables: console, end, and coffee. Each one has its own ins and outs--check out the 'bear claw' marks on the console! These are front and center in our showroom.

Cedar Bench/Coffee Table


Interiors should echo who we are. How about artistic, sleek, with style for days? This cedar bench, repurposed from a 1970's MN Fairgrounds fence, now feels right in step for today.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


Distinctive graining in this maple slab enhances the wood, as this piece is ready for your every need--more seating, storage at the end of a bed, +/or serving drinks and games in front of your sofa. See this at our showroom!

Barn Wood Coffee Table/Bench


Indecisive--no way! Double duty means you can use this piece as a coffee table AND a bench. Made with 1935 barn wood from Angelica, WI, this piece was finished in Classic Gray with a Special Walnut wash for extra flair.

Beam Coffee Table


In early December we traveled to Birnamwood, WI, site of an early 1900's barn whose foundation had crumbled. The original farmer's son and his wife still live on the land, and showed us several massive 8" thick beams that we took back to our shop. We've used one of these beams for this coffee table, so the memories and stories of this long-ago time can live on.

Welcome Home Cedar Bench/Coffee Table


Starting out as a fence at the MN Fairgrounds over 50 years ago, this warm and eclectic bench does double duty as a coffee table, too. The varying colors of the wood are compelling, transforming a room.