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Beam Coffee Table


Who are we? That answer depends a lot on who we were, and for many of us our roots are in the land. These beams are from a 1920's granary in Birnamwood, WI, that we reclaimed from a couple whose father farmed the land. How satisfying to put your feet up on this table, run your hands over the mortises and tenons, and rediscover history. Comes with a built-in remote holder!

Barn Wood Coffee Table


Brand-name, big-box stores, Pinterest--OK for inspiration pics, but let's take that ten steps further. We collaborated to create this stunning, statement-making coffee table from wood that has a local history and is custom-sized to fit in this family's new home.

Cedar Coffee Table


These blue-gray beams were leaning against the side of a shed, waiting for us to uncover their long-lost beauty. That we did; you will love the warmth and heft of the 3 1/2" thick top balanced by the flat metal legs.

Black Walnut Coffee Table


We created this console and coffee table from locally harvested black walnut to set the refined rustic tone of this client's new condo.

Legend Maple Coffee Table


Distinctive; substantial; loads of character--all eyes are drawn to this slab maple coffee table, complete with curves and graining galore.

Threshing Beam Coffee Table


Discolored, caked with mud and lime, these beams were no picnic at first. But look at them now--all cleaned up and ready to add 100 years of history to your home. This coffee table has more of a two-tone effect, with darker graining and knots in the center two beams flanked on either side with lighter pine. Hand-scraped edges add to the warmth.

Barn Wood Coffee Table and End tables


Building character--a positive outlook, no matter how you look at it. That's just what these custom-created pieces do, using 80+-year-old barn ceiling rafters to add authenticity to the client's home. Photos taken in our newly-expanded showroom.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


The first batch of maple, fresh from the kiln, was harvested on family farmland this summer in Plover, WI. This bench is subtle, yet makes a statement, inviting you to sit for a spell.

Oak Coffee Table


The live edge of this oak top gently sways, reminding you of its earlier home in the woods. Now, this piece has a new home--yours.

'Tile' Coffee Table


Inspired by the black and white tile trend but also SO in love with wood--hey, let's marry the two and create this lightweight, super-stylish coffee table--done!

'Tile' Coffee Table


Inspired by the black and white tile trend but also SO in love with wood--hey, let's marry the two and create this lightweight, super-stylish coffee table--done!

Black Walnut Coffee Table


Past customers stopped and visited with us at the Rising Star Mill art show, and admired some of our black walnut tables. They had been wanting something "different" for their living room, and seeing the black walnut sealed the deal. We collaborated and created three pieces, all with live edges and custom metalworking, to best fit their space and needs. That's what makes it all worthwhile: to involve clients in the artistic process as we create unique furniture for their homes.

Pine Bench/Coffee Table


One of our most popular pieces, this does double duty as a bench or coffee table, depending on your needs. The double live edges seal the deal.

Barn Beam Coffee Table


Clean lines with an earthy look--that's what's happening with our beam coffee table. It's a great size to fit in a variety of spaces.

Black Walnut Coffee Table/Bench


This locally harvested black walnut has a quiet glow, so that it gathers you in and invites you to stay. Dual-purpose, this piece can be used as a bench or as a coffee table.

Oak/Maple Welcome Home bench


Troy hand-selected these salvaged beams, combining oak and maple to great effect in this Welcome Home bench. Suitable as seating or as a coffee table, this is rustic refinement at its best.