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Black Walnut Console Table


This console table tucks in very nicely, thank you, behind a sofa, in an entry, under a window, next to a stairway. The fact that it's black walnut is icing on the cake!

Curly Maple Console Table


Live edge maple, crisp and clean, ready to hold your keys, the mail, or a special photo--this console table fits in the entry, behind a sofa, or under a window. The custom legs, locally created, seal the deal.

Black Walnut Desk/Console Table


Stunning. Inspiring. Soothing. These are the feelings you experience when seated at this black walnut desk. The ebb and flow of the live edge lets you breathe deeply, centering you while you work. Also fantastic as a console table, this piece is dual purpose.

Spalted Maple Console Table w/Mahogany Resin


Function: holds keys, phone, mail, photos, a lamp. Beauty: live edge spalted maple, with knots inlaid in mahogany resin. End result: one unique piece for your home!

Siberian Elm Console Table


In the aftermath of the Dustbowl, Siberian elm trees were planted to great success, due to their drought tolerance and fast growth. They were susceptible to various diseases, however, and were short-lived. Hybridized varieties are now being sought. Spectacular coloring and graining drew us in, as this is the first of its kind we've had the chance to work with. Now, it can be a focal point in your home.

Honey Locust Console Table with Blue Resin


Set in a bed of striking blue resin, this honey locust slab sings Nature's praises. Set atop flat metal legs, this console will steal the show!

Maple Console Table


A table lamp, a vase, special photos, greenery--what do all of these have in common? Each one finds a home on top of this warm maple console table, ready for your own touch.

Spalted Maple Desk/Console Table


Space. It's important to have it, and to devote time and energy to keep it. This desk gives you the opportunity to have a workspace that is functional, beautiful, and fits in right where you need it to be.

Spalted Maple Console Table


Lots of movement in this sofa table, sized to fit behind the sofa (!), in your entry, under a window--lots of options!

Spalted Maple Desk/Sofa Table


This desk is a standout, with its dual live edges that are at once graceful and assured. Perfect for WFH, it also functions beautifully behind your sofa or in your entry. See it for yourself in our showroom!

Maple Console Table


This console is sized for multiple uses: display pics and mementos, hold your phone/keys/gloves, or even better--sized for your laptop, so it's also a desk. Our maple is reclaimed locally just a few miles down the road from a family farm. More people prefer to have pieces in their homes that tell a story--let's tell yours.

Black Walnut Console Table


This slim black walnut beauty does its part to provide display and decor all in one.

Maple Console Table


Setting the scene right from the door, console tables give a taste of your personality. This slim, live edge maple pays homage to nature beautifully.

Fire Elm Console


Nicknamed "Fire Elm" by another woodworker, this beautiful live edge slab of elm has red streaks through it, giving it even more life. As a console, it adds extra function and display to multiple rooms in your home.

Spalted Maple ConsoleTable


This slim entry table fits the bill: character, charm, and charisma, all in one. Great for your entry, behind a couch or loveseat, or under a window or mirror--options aplenty with this console!

Maple Console Table


When a slab of maple has loads of ribboning, what do you do? Celebrate it, by putting it front and center on this console table, which also works quite well as a desk. Lots of live edge movement, too, showcased with triple hairpin legs.