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Willow "Cookie" Coffee Table


A symbol of immortality and rebirth in China, this slice of willow brings nature right past your doorstep and into your home. It's compact enough to fit in a variety of settings, and robust enough to make the statement you've been looking for.

Pine Bench/Coffee Table


Multi-tasking gets a lot of press these days, but what if it's true? One piece of furniture CAN do so many things. This rustic beauty is a coffee table, a bench in the foyer, an instant window seat, holds your clothes/pillows/whatever at the foot of your bed, seats loads at the table, you name it! It's in our showroom, ready for you to bring it home.

Hand-hewn Pine Mantel


Hand-hewn marks of an axe grace this hefty pine beam, in its past life holding up a granary built in the 1900's. Now, it is ready to be the highlight of your fireplace wall, bridging over a hundred years of history with your own.

Willow "Cookie" End Table


Tenacity to live--that's how willow roots are described, and you can certainly feel the strength and solidity in this willow end table, nicely set off by the metal hairpin legs.

Maple Slab Coffee Table


Paul Bunyan, "a lumberjack of gigantic stature and size with titanic power and strength", would LOVE this massive maple slab coffee table. Harvested in Green Bay, WI, this tree-turned-coffee table commands attention, filling your room with oohs and aahs.

Maple Slab Coffee Table


On Wisconsin! This table resembles our home state in all its glory, as this live edge thick-slab maple top declares its hometown pride with a solid reminder of the beauty of our woodlands. Even more impressive in person--come check it out!

Maple "Cookie" Table


Mindfulness--to be in the moment--this table gathers you in and centers you, allowing you to experience and revel in the beauty of nature. A thick slice of maple tops the antique metal base that used to be an industrial stool and is now the perfect counterpart to the wavy edges of the maple.

Maple Bench/Coffee Tables


'I may be a twin, but I am one of a kind." ~Jerry Smith
We think that's doubly true of our maple benches, as:
1. They are made of the same slab of wood, with grain variations.
2. They function as both benches and/or coffee tables.
3. One has barn wood insets from a 1935 barn in Angelica, WI. (Can you spot which one?)
Ready for a place in your home!