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Spalted Maple Oval End Table


Well, this end table's special. We have a spalted maple oval slab that we placed on top of a vintage metal stool. We cleaned up the base, and voila! Now this end table can swivel up and down to the perfect height for your needs. Come see it in our showroom today!

Oak Console Table


Solid with a little flair, this oak console is slim enough to fit behind a sofa, in an entry, under a window--you name it! Triple hairpin legs add the refined to the rustic.

Ash End Tables


Where to put your drink? Rest your phone? Display a picture frame? Hold a vase with flowers? End tables are pretty handy to have in a room, so why not choose ones that are live edge, full of character, and the wood is harvested within 30 miles of here? You get your choice of three, sized to fit where you need them in your home.

Armory Oak Desk


Working from home doesn't have to mean boring--why not create on a piece of local history? This oak was milled almost four decades ago behind the Wisconsin Rapids Armory. We recovered it from the carpenter who did the work, and created this beautiful desk to continue the story. Metal "X" legs set off the wood wonderfully.

Hickory Bench/Coffee Table


Straight grain, solid, and tons of beauty to boot, this wide hickory bench also doubles as a coffee table. Square tubing trapezoid legs modernize the look.

Maple Desk


Without a lot of bells and whistles, this live edge maple desk is at once simple and sophisticated. The slab maple top has loads of refined rustic character, while the metal "Z" legs give it industrial flair.

Maple Coffee Table


Live edges to write home to mama--that's what sets apart this maple coffee table from other wannabees. The modern trapezoid legs add the refined to rustic. Now, it's ready for you to make it yours.

Spalted Maple River's Edge Coffee Table


This spalted maple slab had a huge crevice in the center, so we filled it with river rock and embedded it in clear resin. Now it makes quite a statement as a coffee table, ready for your home!