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Oak Live Edge Console Table


With just a touch of spalting, this oak double live edge console table tucks in just where you need it: behind a sofa, on your entry wall, under a window. Triple hairpin legs add that retro/modern flair.

Half Moon Pine Slab End Table


Pairing this circle slab end table with our reclaimed wood wall art really makes a statement. As this wood is many decades old, it's no wonder including nature in your home soothes the soul.

Century Beam Bench/Coffee Table


Earlier this summer we connected with an amazing carpenter who had saved these beams for thirty years from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI. Turns out he knew Troy's grandpa and uncle, and shared stories of years past with us. That's what we love about what we do: connecting with others who share our love of reclaiming history to make more memories with family and friends. This beam bench brings a century of stories to you.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art


What do you do with a crate of wood scraps? Have a roaring bonfire--usually, yes, but not today! We made wall art using bits of wood in all sizes and stains, fitting pieces together like a puzzle. It almost looks like a cityscape in miniature, but it's sized to fit on any wall where you'd like a little more dimension and pizazz. One sold--One still available in our showroom.

Beam Coffee Table


Saved for decades by a retired carpenter, these beams were recovered from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI. We removed multiple square nails as we created this coffee table, confirming the century-old date. We kept the hand-notched opening, as it may make a handy remote holder. This piece, with its visible dovetail mortise and tenon openings will serve your family and history well.

Spalted Maple Beverage Cart


Family, friends, food, and fun--that's where it's at--and this beverage cart takes it all in stride, making sure you have what you need when you need it most. Spalted maple live edge top adds tons of style, offset by the ebony base on casters. See this in our showroom!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art/Bottle Holder


Since making the nine-bottle holders, we've realized bigger isn't ALWAYS better, so we've sized these to fit in 'most any space. Literally raising the bar, these holders put your preferences front and center, with a vintage backdrop of reclaimed wood from years gone by.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Bottle Holder


You know when you hear a song from the past, and you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing? This wall art is just like that. We can look at the boards and name every place we've been to reclaim that slice of history--try us! Adding the sleek wrought iron bottle holder adds function and another reason to love this piece. Consider using it for wine, boomba (as Troy calls them) beer, cooking oils and vinegars, even towels--so many choices. We can make these in various woods and stains, but be forewarned: this piece is definitely a showstopper!