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Black Walnut Beverage Cart


Rethink entertaining with this double-duty beverage cart, so you can take the party with you and have ample storage, to boot. Beautiful black walnut tops this cart along with black walnut shelving on the bottom--true luxury. Note the stemware and bottle holders, as well as the totally reclaimed wood base. Elevated rustic at its finest.

Box Elder Circle Slab Console Table


A slice of nature, in the right setting, puts you at ease. This box elder maple console fits in any number of places in your home, and looks great, to boot!

Box Elder Maple End Table


We met a retired arborist in Green Bay, WI who takes down storm-damaged trees in urban settings there. Lucky for us--and you--because now we've created this beautiful end table, bringing nature right into your home.

Barn Beam Benches


Authentic, not fake. That's what you get with these 120 year old beams from a barn in Polonia built in 1900. We put an epoxy finish on top, to further preserve the character and charm. Two types of metal legs give you options--now that's a statement for any room in your home.

Live Edge Peg Racks


Carve out a spot in any room with these distinctive live edge slab peg racks. Just think what you can store: coats, exercise equipment; scarves, bags, jewelry, caps, pet gear, you name it! On the wall means off the floor, and that's a win!

Slab Candleholders


Thoughtful details with a big impact--that's what you get with these slab candle holders. Filled with votives or faux succulents, it's just the touch to warm your room. These make affordable gifts, too!

Tabletop Beverage Caddies


So you're entertaining more often at home--why not do so in style, with these tabletop caddies? Each has a removable trough, to keep your beverages iced cold, to water your herbs, to fill with river rocks around pillar candles. Yes, they are that adaptable! Spruce, oak, spalted maple--come pick your favorite!

Spalted Maple Wall Art


Being surrounded by nature isn't always an option. We can, though, choose our decor with nature in mind. This slab of spalted maple, hung on the wall, reminds you ever so gently of the stories a tree can tell.