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Spruce Console Table


Double live-edges and distinct graining set this console apart, gently persuading you to settle in for the night, in your own home.

Barn Beam Mantel


Brawny and beautiful; that's the scope of this mantel. Reclaimed from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI, we've kept the hand-hewn marks that cement its age, lightly sanding it and staining it so it's ready for your home.

Beam Coffee Table


Smack dab in the middle of---the conversation, game night, nacho fest, football--you name it, this history-filled coffee table centers the room. Over eighty years old, the beams resonate strength and security, while the legs provide modern flair.

Wood Framed Chalkboards


Seeing is believing, and when you see to-do lists, reminders, words of positivity, written right in front of you, you can make it happen. Framed in wood with a past, it's a grounding complement to what you write to influence your future. Know that we can make these to size. (Two available in showroom.)

Barn Wood Wall Art w/Shelves


When you approach design from your heart, you choose comfort, character, and creativity. Inspired from a patchwork quilt, this wall art takes what may have been thrown away and places it, full of story and charm, front and center in your home. Two available: one vertical, and one horizontal. We can create these custom to your desired size and aesthetic. Vertical one is SOLD; horizontal is available.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


'I may be a twin, but I am one of a kind." ~Jerry Smith
We think that's doubly true of our maple benches, as:
1. They are made of the same slab of wood, with grain variations.
2. They function as both benches and/or coffee tables.
3. One has barn wood insets from a 1935 barn in Angelica, WI. (Can you spot which one?)
Ready for a place in your home!

Oak Coffee Table


A recipe for success: Classic Gray stain on a double live-edge oak top set apart with solid, flat metal hairpin legs. It's a fresh take on modern rustic, handcrafted to last.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


Distinctive graining in this maple slab enhances the wood, as this piece is ready for your every need--more seating, storage at the end of a bed, +/or serving drinks and games in front of your sofa. See this at our showroom!