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Peg Racks


A bevy of peg racks to be had using distinctive, funky wood--come check these out in our expanded Wooden Wonders showroom!

Beam Planter


Black Walnut Key Holder


How useful is this gem, a key holder made out of black walnut--very!

Pine Bench/Coffee Table


One of our most popular pieces, this does double duty as a bench or coffee table, depending on your needs. The double live edges seal the deal.

Table Leg Candle Holders


Who knew table legs made great candle holders? You do now, as it's a great way to make a vertical impact without taking up tons of space.

Barn Wood Tabletop Beverage Caddy


Presentation is everything with these caddies: true conversation pieces, as each one is unique. Great for wine with friends, sampling local craft brews, or a juice bar for mocktails, each brings the party right to your table. The trough holds enough ice to keep those drinks cold for hours, and does so in substantial style.

Inspiration Bench


It's early morning, we're sipping coffee, eating breakfast, and tossing about ideas for what we'd like to create next. Back and forth we go, and Troy hones in on this, our first Inspiration Bench. We both love to read, and will share passages of interest with each other often. For many years we've written meaningful quotations on river rocks that border our garden paths. Now, we've created this bench filled with quotes we use to both center and inspire us.

Peg Racks


Wouldn't it be great to have somewhere to stash those scarves, coats, necklaces, caps, dog leashes--you get the picture? Well, search no further. We have peg racks galore, so putting away AND putting on are right in plain sight. Wall-mounted screws are included.