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Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Blue Resin


Unforgettable. That's what this coffee table is, and always will be. How amazing to see the life this tree had, right there in front of you, with all of its lines and curves. Add in the blue waters of the resin, and you have Nature captured in a moment, in this piece.

Spalted Maple Live Edge Mirror


According to The Spruce, the use of mirrors or other small objects to adjust the flow of qi, or energy, in a space is known as the “method of minor additions,” or Xie Zi Fa in Chinese. When using the method of minor additions, it’s important to bring in your intentions as well. If you choose to add a mirror to your home as a feng shui adjustment, take a moment to connect back to your intention, and feel into why you are placing a mirror in a particular area.

Spalted Maple Sit/Stand Desk


One of four custom desks created for a client's retail space, this spalted maple is a gem. The double live edges frame the warm, golden tones of the maple, while the Uplift sit/stand motorized desk frame is rated the best in the business. Can't wait to see this in its new home!

Black Walnut Coffee Table w/Shelf


One beautiful, warm, significant slab of black walnut is not enough? No worries--this custom coffee table has a substantial beveled lower shelf, adding to the function and beauty.

Spalted Maple Bistro Table


When the movers damage your dining table, it's an opportunity to collaborate with us to create an artistic bistro table, with room enough for two, and style to spare! Win win!

Black Walnut Dining Table


Custom created for a couple building their dream home, this black walnut table welcomes the family to sit around the table and make memories. Double live edges, the warmth of walnut, and the modern edge the trapezoid legs bring come together to create magic.

Gift Certificates


Wooden Wonders Gift Certificates Now Available!!

When you know your loved ones, friends, coworkers, would LOVE a refined rustic piece from Wooden Wonders, but you’re just not sure which one, WAIT—we now have gift certificates just for you!

Spalted Maple Table


This spalted maple table was a custom creation for an artistic couple who live in a loft-like downtown apartment. Truly a collaboration, we shared the design and construction process throughout, and ended up with a centerpiece table for them to share.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


Our family cabin is on 40 wooded acres near Waupaca. Luckily enough, there are several fence lines of rock farmers stacked decades ago. So we created a River's Edge coffee table for the cabin, to reflect the pairing of stone and wood. We can customize a table for you, using stones, coins, shells your family has collected thru the years.

Spalted Maple Entry Bench


In the middle of renovating a family room, this couple knew they needed a bench by their back door. They came to our showroom, got ideas, and then we all moved to a back shed where we store slabs, ready for projects. Aha! Now you're talking! Ideas started flying, and the result: this custom spalted maple bench, created just for them.

Cedar End Tables


Our clients already had a cedar Welcome Home bench. Now, we've created two end tables for them out of the same cedar fencing that was used at the MN State Fair in the 1970's. They have such a warm color, with loads of history and a story that bears telling.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


After living in this vacation home for decades, the owners are taking the time to renovate it for generations to come. Making the decision to furnish the home deliberately, with handcrafted pieces with a story, led them to us. Together, we created 7' of live edge coffee tables, with a statement-making ribbon of river rock flowing right down the center.

Barn Wood Bookshelf


A century ago, your great-grandparents lived a very different life from today. That's how long ago these barn beams were in use in a barn in Stevens Point, WI. Now, they stand ready to house more memories, custom-created as a bookshelf for a local family.

Maple Coffee/Tea Cart


Our clients knew just what they had in mind when they asked us to create this custom beverage cart: live edge maple with tons of character, holders for coffee and tea mugs, and slightly taller than the norm.
Yes, yes, and yes! Now they're building memories, one cup at a time.

Oval Slab Pine Coffee Table


Take an almost 4" thick pine slab from Black Creek and partner it with barn wood from a 1935 barn near Green Bay, and you now have history remade in a custom-created coffee table for this active family. At the client's request, we wood-burned the location and dates of this reclaimed wood, so the stories live on.

Live Edge Maple Table


Why make do, when you can make it your own? Our client recently purchased a condo, and wanted to start fresh. A renovation removed several decades of decor, leaving a canvas ripe for customization. This table will center conversations for years to come. What a pleasure to work together to create this piece!