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Shelves and Mantels Galore


We've showcased a variety of shelves and mantels we've finished that are on display in our showroom. Barn beams, live edge slabs, pine, oak, cherry, black walnut--lots of variety to choose from. So many ways to add storage and share your story in your home. These put the finishing touch on any room.

Barn Beam Mantel


Brawny and beautiful; that's the scope of this mantel. Reclaimed from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI, we've kept the hand-hewn marks that cement its age, lightly sanding it and staining it so it's ready for your home.

Hand-hewn Hardwood Mantel


Hand-hewn marks of an axe grace this hefty pine beam, in its past life holding up a granary built in the 1900's. Now, it is ready to be the highlight of your fireplace wall, bridging over a hundred years of history with your own.