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Spalted Maple End Table


Raw and refined, this end table has distinctive black graining combined with a smokey grey resin. Pair it with a spalted maple coffee table or console table, and really welcome nature into your home.

Spalted Maple End Tables


Simplicity is key: storage, style, and compact size all in one--what more could you ask for in an end table? How about two? At your service!

Live Edge Pine End Tables


Dinner and a movie, or if you're Troy, it's definitely popcorn and a movie! These end tables serve up snacks and a drink in style, whether they are next to media chairs or a comfy sofa. The live edges plus the hairpin legs equal modern rustic, ready for your home.

Box Elder Maple End Table


We met a retired arborist in Green Bay, WI who takes down storm-damaged trees in urban settings there. Lucky for us--and you--because now we've created this beautiful end table, bringing nature right into your home.

Cedar End Tables


Our clients already had a cedar Welcome Home bench. Now, we've created two end tables for them out of the same cedar fencing that was used at the MN State Fair in the 1970's. They have such a warm color, with loads of history and a story that bears telling.

Live Edge Spruce End Tables


What better way to remind yourself of nature's love of curves than these two live edge spruce end tables? The ins and outs of these edges are matched by the distinctive graining of the spruce slab top, ready for your own home.

Spalted Maple End Table


Nature adds character, interest, and comfort to a home. This spalted maple end table has all three in abundance; a true focal point in your room.

Live Edge Maple End Tables


You don't know what's missing until you need it, like a place to set down your drink, or light a candle, or place a cherished picture. That's where these maple end tables come in, with unfussy styling and a refined rustic edge.

Beam End Table


Quietly unassuming, but packs a big punch--that's what this beam end table does in your home. A hundred years of history, right beside you.

Box Elder Circle Slab End Table


Press pause. There is great beauty in quiet simplicity. This box elder maple end table, with its distinctive end graining and curving live edges, reminds you to slow down and appreciate what's in front of you.

Half Moon Pine Slab End Table


Pairing this circle slab end table with our reclaimed wood wall art really makes a statement. As this wood is many decades old, it's no wonder including nature in your home soothes the soul.

Half Moon Pine Slab Table


The credit goes to Troy on this one, as he was inspired to cut out the large splits in this circle slab to create this super-useful-and-quite-stunning end table. With the straight back, this beauty fits in so many places, and still gives you the I-can't-believe-the-tree-was-this-big vibe.

Oak Circular End Table


Two favorite recliners, and a set space between with odd angles--what to do? Have us create a custom circular end table, with a bottom shelf for storage, out of oak slabs finished with the clients' own stain. The best part of collaborating is working out between the four of us just what best fits the unique space called your home.

Oak Live Edge End Tables


One, two, three time's a charm--must be true, since our clients asked us to create three of these double end tables to update and add storage to their living room. These are heavy-duty, with clean lines and live edges that invite nature in.

Ocean View End Table


Custom created as a gift for a new homeowner, this end table completes the picture, partnering with Ocean View coffee and console tables. What a unique statement for your home!

Oak Beam End Table


What's great about furniture that's custom is that you can have another end table made to order--just what these clients did. We made a media stand and two end tables for their living room a year ago out of 100+ year-old oak beams. Now, they've asked for another end table to add to the space. Done and done!