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Spalted Maple Sit/Stand Desk


One of four custom desks created for a client's retail space, this spalted maple is a gem. The double live edges frame the warm, golden tones of the maple, while the Uplift sit/stand motorized desk frame is rated the best in the business. Can't wait to see this in its new home!

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


Live edges connect us to the tree itself; its rhythms, its movement, its glory. Double live edges give you twice the joy! The wide, heavy-duty trapezoid legs add the refined to the rustic.

Pine Wine Bottle Wall Art


When is wine art? When it's displayed in our distinctive live edge wall holders! Functional wall art that is a statement piece in your home--see several in our home showroom.

Spalted Maple End Table


Thick, double live edges swirl around the spalted grain in this maple end table, standing at the ready to flank your favorite chair.

Maple End Tables


Double live edge maple set off by minimal hairpin legs = Scandi Rustic right here in Plover!

Pine End Tables


Two of a kind, yet each one is unique--yes!! Double live edge pine harvested just down the road from us; now that's furniture with a local story.

Amory Oak Bench/Coffee Table


Two summers ago we met with a retired carpenter who milled this oak well over thirty years ago, helping to clear out the woods behind the Wisconsin Rapids, WI Armory. Lucky for us, (and now you), it's a great fit as a bench/coffee table with a story. Look for the Easter eggs--knots filled with blue resin--throughout!

Spalted Maple End Tables


A little bit of natural flair, with a side of retro--that's what these live edge spalted maple end tables have going. Nice to have the pair, so each of you gets the love.

Black Walnut Coffee Table w/Shelf


One beautiful, warm, significant slab of black walnut is not enough? No worries--this custom coffee table has a substantial beveled lower shelf, adding to the function and beauty.