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Pine High-Top Table


Bet you can find lots of places this high-top table can fit! Loads of local history, with pine milled in the late 1980's just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road. See this in our showroom!

Pine High-Top Table


Collaborating with clients is a privilege, one that we treasure and do our utmost to honor. It's important to listen to what's said, and what's not said, in order to create a piece that really delivers. We truly enjoyed working with these clients, true artists, to build a table with a story that will live on.

Pine High-Top Table w/Copper Resin


Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck. Your luck will never end, with this streamlined table inlaid with copper resin. Decades-old pine from behind the armory in Wis Rapids perfectly partners the copper, connecting you to local history.

Pine Live Edge High-Top Table


Wouldn't it be nice to have a little more table space? This high-top fits the bill, and gives you ample room for drinks, game night, fondue, hot chocolate bar, a wrapping station--you name it. Multi-functional, with a durable epoxy finish. Four stools available: 4 for $250.

High-Top Pine Slab Table


Relish small pleasures: game night, pizza parties, wine tasting. You get high style dining/seating with this high-top bar, complete with double live edges, handcrafted to show off nature's beauty. Refined rustic = modern functionality--it's what we do for you.

High-Top Table


Table for two? Or four? This high-top table fits the bill perfectly. Sleek lines, on casters, so the party goes wherever you need it to.
How about surprising your sweetie for Valentine's Day? 30" metal stools available separately: 2 for $100 or 4 for $200.

High-top Table