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Walk in the Woods Wall Art


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Features and materials
Multi-stained wood milled over 30+ years ago behind the Wis Rapids armory
Includes barn wood from a 1900's barn in Lena, WI
Preserved moss, bark, and faux succulents
French cleat included for secure hanging
20" sq: $75; 12" x 36": $95

20" sq and 12" x 36"

SKU: 412 Category: Wall Art
It's not always possible to take a walk in the woods, so we captured that essence with reclaimed wood wall art accented with channels of green. Preserved reindeer, sphagnum, and Spanish moss are accented with bark, plant pods and faux succulents. Framed in contrasting wood, each piece is secured to the wall with a french cleat, included with purchase. We can make these to size.