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Armory Beam Bottle Holders


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Features and materials
Pine boards milled 30+ years ago behind the Wis Rapids, WI armory
Holds five ($95)--SOLD or ten bottles ($195)
Quartz slab base

6" x 24"; 6" x 43"

SKU: 432 Category: Beam Bottle Holder
Late this summer we visited a retired carpenter who had a shed full of boards he milled 30+ years ago from the woods behind the armory in Wis Rapids, WI. After clearing out a huge bees nest (full disclosure, Deb sat in the truck), we made five trips (two pickups each load) for an entire day, bringing the wood back to our warehouse. So much potential...so we created these minimal yet super-functional wine/beer/whiskey bottle holders, in tabletop and floor models. We placed these on a reclaimed quartz base for extra stability and texture.