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Charcuterie Boards


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Features and materials
Cherry, black walnut, oak, maple, ash
Food-safe finish with mineral oil and beeswax
Use one side for serving and the other for cutting
Prices vary from $75-$150+
Resin inlay in some boards
Handle carved into wood with attached leather loop

9"-13" x 18"-48"

SKU: 528 Category: Charcuterie Boards
Serve in style with these one-of-a-kind boards, ideal for gathering with family and friends! Finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax, it's a memorable way to serve tapas, pizza, cheese, meats, fruit, olives, crackers, desserts--charcuterie, in other words! If used as cutting boards, they will show marks in the wood and resin, so you may want to keep one side for cutting and the other for serving only. Additional coats of beeswax or mineral oil suggested as needed.