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Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Clear Resin and River Rocks


When a slab of beautiful spalted maple has a gaping hole in it, what do you do? Add it to the burn pile? No way! We filled the crevice with river rock, and sealed it with clear resin, for an artistic twist to a coffee table.

Aspen Bench/Coffee Table


Aspen is a very special tree, not only for its beautiful coloring, but also b/c one aspen tree is actually only a small part of a larger organism, known as a clone of aspen trees. How cool to have a part of this grove of trees right in your own home, as a bench/coffee table, ready to make more memories!

Birch End Tables


A pair of birch end tables, sized perfectly to fit on either end of a sofa or pair of chairs, has the warm grain and subtle live edges you were looking for. See these in our showroom!

Black Walnut River's Edge Round Coffee Table


Collaboration with these fantastic clients resulted in one of our best-ever pieces! Black walnut, set off by clear resin inlaid with river rock, in round form--what's not to love?! We partnered with a metal artist in Poland to custom create the base. This is one for the books!!

Spalted Maple End Tables


Spalted maple end tables, with heft and grain for days--yup and yup! Finished with triple hairpin legs, these are yours for the asking!

Birch Bench


This bench is easy on the eyes, with flowing live edges and warm, pronounced graining. It's the first time we've had the opportunity to work with birch, and it won't be the last! This bench is 5' long, amply-sized to fit your needs.

Maple Desk


Clean, contemporary maple sets off this desk, sized at 5" with ample room to spread out. We paired this with 3" wide square tubing "X" legs, for added flair.

Maple Desk


Clean, contemporary maple sets off this 5' long desk, with ample room to spread out. We paired this with 3" thick square tubing "X" legs, for extra flair.

Ash Bench


Warmed with an Early American stain, this ash bench's graining shows through, setting off the live edges, atop industrial "H" legs.