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Reclaimed Wood Room Divider


How to add history and pack a punch in a small footprint? Add a room divider that functions as art! This hinged door is free-standing, and can work as a room divider, in a corner to add dimension, as a backdrop for a floor lamp or vase--tons of options. We have two sizes: 30" x 80.5" (whites and browns) and one that is 24" wide (reds and grey added to the mix).

Ocean View Resin Coffee Table


You can get lost without ever leaving home, looking at the cobalt blue waves captured between the smooth oak slabs. This piece is sized to fit in any number of places, sure to garner attention.

Media Console Table w/Shelves


It all comes down to this: family, friends, and the memories we share from the connections we've made with others. This media stand centers these memories, with photos displayed, games gathered, and perhaps a TV to show movies, football (or futbol), or whatever you watch that brings us all together. We make these custom, so you can choose the slabs/barn wood from our own warehouse and kiln and create this especially sized to fit your needs.

Oak Beam End Table


What's great about furniture that's custom is that you can have another end table made to order--just what these clients did. We made a media stand and two end tables for their living room a year ago out of 100+ year-old oak beams. Now, they've asked for another end table to add to the space. Done and done!

Spruce Console Table


Double live-edges and distinct graining set this console apart, gently persuading you to settle in for the night, in your own home.

Barn Beam Mantel


Brawny and beautiful; that's the scope of this mantel. Reclaimed from a 1920's barn in Polonia, WI, we've kept the hand-hewn marks that cement its age, lightly sanding it and staining it so it's ready for your home.

Beam Coffee Table


Smack dab in the middle of---the conversation, game night, nacho fest, football--you name it, this history-filled coffee table centers the room. Over eighty years old, the beams resonate strength and security, while the legs provide modern flair.

Maple Desk


"Perfectly adequate." That's what our old desk was: fine, good enough, does its job. Last weekend, we talked about what does/does not inspire us in our immediate environment, and we both agreed to create a desk with presence in our office. So, we used a maple slab harvested down the road from us, paired it with modern metal legs, and now we have a desk with a story. Looking forward to seeing this beauty every day. We create furniture for the most important home--yours.

Wood Framed Chalkboards


Seeing is believing, and when you see to-do lists, reminders, words of positivity, written right in front of you, you can make it happen. Framed in wood with a past, it's a grounding complement to what you write to influence your future. Know that we can make these to size.