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Maple Bench


Clean lines, light, warm color, and snugs in right where you need it--what more could you ask for? This maple bench fits the bill!

Black Walnut End Table


Black walnut has a glow, and this end table provides a welcoming space next to your favorite spot to sip a cuppa. Triple hairpin legs add a modern vibe.

Hickory End Tables


Double live edges set off the warmth of these end tables, with metal "H" legs sealing the deal. Two available.

Maple Bench


Live edge maple with a flair, this small bench has loads of flavor! Great in a bedroom, in an entry, in a hallway, under a picture or mirror--lots of ways to show off this gem!

Pine Bench


Sized just right, this pine bench fits in a variety of spaces, perfect for an entry, a closet, a bedroom!

Flame Alder Bench/Coffee Table


Flame alder, or fire elm, as it's also called, makes a statement wherever you place it in your home. With unique red lines embedded in the grain, this bench shows off Mother Nature's artistic flair. We've paired it with mid-century angled metal legs.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table/Bench


Subtle has its place, but not with this spectacular piece! Incredible graining in this maple is a showstopper, and it works as a bench or as a coffee table. You decide!

Live Edge Mirrors


Adding light to a room adds life, and mirrors are one of the best ways you can do this. With live edges in the mix, you've added refined rustic style to your home. We can custom create these mirrors in other sizes, too.

Large Spalted Maple Charcuterie Boards


Serve in style with these one-of-a-kind boards, ideal for gathering with family and friends! Finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax, it's a memorable way to serve tapas, pizza, cheese, meats, fruit, olives, crackers, desserts--charcuterie, in other words! If used as cutting boards, they will show marks in the wood and resin, so you may want to keep one side for cutting and the other for serving only. Additional coats of beeswax or mineral oil suggested as needed.