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Spalted Maple Desk/Console Table


Space. It's important to have it, and to devote time and energy to keep it. This desk gives you the opportunity to have a workspace that is functional, beautiful, and fits in right where you need it to be.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table


When you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, sit down and rest your feet on this solid spalted maple coffee table. With flared live edges and a warm natural finish, you can breathe a little easier, gazing on this beauty. Special thanks to our grand dog, Midas, for modeling today.

Armory Pine Desk


Warm and welcoming, this pine desk stands at the ready for whatever your day brings. Substantial metal legs add that industrial flair. See it in our showroom!

Spalted Maple Console Table


Lots of movement in this sofa table, sized to fit behind the sofa (!), in your entry, under a window--lots of options!

Pine Coffee Table


Furniture, at times, doesn't seem to have a relationship with nature. This pine coffee table does, putting you front and center in the forest, right at home.

Black Walnut Black and Pearl Resin Coffee Table


Yin yang, a concept of dualism, where seemingly opposite forces are interconnected, is readily apparent in this coffee table. We've used black and pearl resin inlaid in black walnut to show the interdependence that exists in the world. It's a functional art piece for your home.

Spalted Maple Coffee Table w/Blue Resin


Feel like dipping your toes in the water? Surfing the waves at the beach? You can visualize all that and more with this Caribbean-blue resin coffee table, filled with swirls that accent the spalting in the maple. Truly a unique table, this will be the centerpiece of the room.

Oak Bench


Sized to fit exactly where you need it, this live edged oak bench brings nature right into your home.

Pine Bench


Just the right size to fit where you need it, and refined rustic, to boot!