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Maple Slab Coffee Table


On Wisconsin! This table resembles our home state in all its glory, as this live edge thick-slab maple top declares its hometown pride with a solid reminder of the beauty of our woodlands. Even more impressive in person--come check it out!

Maple "Cookie" Table


Mindfulness--to be in the moment--this table gathers you in and centers you, allowing you to experience and revel in the beauty of nature. A thick slice of maple tops the antique metal base that used to be an industrial stool and is now the perfect counterpart to the wavy edges of the maple.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


'I may be a twin, but I am one of a kind." ~Jerry Smith
We think that's doubly true of our maple benches, as:
1. They are made of the same slab of wood, with grain variations.
2. They function as both benches and/or coffee tables.
3. One has barn wood insets from a 1935 barn in Angelica, WI. (Can you spot which one?)
Ready for a place in your home!

Oak Signature Bench


Remember that special day forever with a commemorative bench you can display in your home. Design your own, including the type of wood, length, border, and font. These newlyweds now see well-wishes from their wedding every day, sure to have a prominent place in their home.

Oak Beverage Cart


Creating this cart was special, as it is a wedding gift from a sister and her family to her newly-married brother and his wife. We are honored to be a part of what are sure to be family keepsakes!

Spruce Kitchen Island


Kitchens are the heart of the home, and this custom kitchen island keeps everyone in the conversation while adding history and up-to-the-minute style. This spruce was sourced just a couple miles from us, with the blend of stains really emphasizing the unique graining. Adding two shelves made of 60+ year-old pine ups the functionality with flair. This island will highlight the beautiful new home the clients are building. See it in our showroom until then!

Spruce Nightstands


Wanting a new look for their bedroom, we met with past clients to create custom nightstands sized to fit with the modern rustic look they love. Totally great to work together, from deciding on the type of wood to the funk of the graining to the perfect stain selection--coupled with a custom TV/media stand, these pieces really make a statement.

Spruce TV Stand


When your TV hangs on the wall but you'd like a knockout piece of furniture underneath, you see us, as these repeat clients did, to create a TV stand custom-sized for the space. Totally great to work together, from deciding on the type of wood to the funk of the graining to the perfect stain selection--coupled with two nightstands, these pieces really make a statement.

Beverage Caddies/S'More Servers


Ready for s'more? It's a resounding YES when you gather around these tabletop caddies and s'more servers. Craft brew drinkers, unite--the large caddy holds a dozen iced bottles/cans, or at least a half dozen wine bottles (SOLD). S'more servers each come with retractable forks, Sterno cans to roast those 'mallows, and all the fixin's--one available, one SOLD. Get inspired to entertain!