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Hackberry Bench


A local woodcutter found this tree, identifying it through its telltale bark. What a history this species has, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. First cultivated in 1636, many a pioneer cabin had durable hackberry wood flooring, and its fruit is popular with winter birds and many butterfly species. Sized to fit in any space at 2 1/2 feet, this bench adds color and charm to your home.

River's Edge Oak Coffee Table


After living in this vacation home for decades, the owners are taking the time to renovate it for generations to come. Making the decision to furnish the home deliberately, with handcrafted pieces with a story, led them to us. Together, we created 7' of live edge coffee tables, with a statement-making ribbon of river rock flowing right down the center.

Spalted Maple Beverage Cart


Bring your appetite for fine art into the kitchen (or living room, or den) or wherever you roll this cart. Truly a marvel, with abundant graining and spalting, this maple slab gets top billing. Not to be outdone, the base provides the function, with bottle and stemware holders along with an ample lower shelf to hold more fun. It's in our showroom now--contact Troy to video chat or have us hold it for you!

Forked Spalted Maple Console Table


Capture the essence of the forest with this spalted maple sofa table. We've included the fork in the tree, giving it a unique character and movement. Live edges add to the beauty.

Black Walnut Bench


Black walnut is one of the most durable hardwoods in the US, and is highly prized for its dark-colored, straight grain. You'll love the warm sheen and practicality these benches add to your home. One now available.

Armory Beam Bottle Holders


Late this summer we visited a retired carpenter who had a shed full of boards he milled 30+ years ago from the woods behind the armory in Wis Rapids, WI. After clearing out a huge bees nest (full disclosure, Deb sat in the truck), we made five trips (two pickups each load) for an entire day, bringing the wood back to our warehouse. So much potential...so we created these minimal yet super-functional wine/beer/whiskey bottle holders, in tabletop and floor models. We placed these on a reclaimed quartz base for extra stability and texture.

Pine High-Top Table


Bet you can find lots of places this high-top table can fit! Loads of local history, with pine milled in the late 1980's just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road. See this in our showroom!

Barn Wood Bookshelf


A century ago, your great-grandparents lived a very different life from today. That's how long ago these barn beams were in use in a barn in Stevens Point, WI. Now, they stand ready to house more memories, custom-created as a bookshelf for a local family.

Live Edge Spruce End Tables


What better way to remind yourself of nature's love of curves than these two live edge spruce end tables? The ins and outs of these edges are matched by the distinctive graining of the spruce slab top, ready for your own home.