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Peg Racks and Key Holders


Coats. Hats. Scarves. Sleepwear. Towels. Workout gear. Dog leashes. Shopping bags. Mugs. Backpacks. Purses. Necklaces. Keys. Hanging plants.
These slab and barn wood peg racks can do it all in style. Each one is unique, so you can spiff up any room of your home, and enjoy a little more breathing room.

Half-Circle Slab Display Table


"Stand up and be noticed!", says whatever you place on this unique display stand. A half circle pine slab is finished with a triple coat of matte poly, on hairpin legs. Showcase potted herbs and succulents, a featured bottle of wine, cherished photos, or statement pottery, all set off by the natural beauty of thick slab pine.

Walk in the Woods Wall Art


It's not always possible to take a walk in the woods, so we captured that essence with reclaimed wood wall art accented with channels of green. Preserved reindeer, sphagnum, and Spanish moss are accented with bark, plant pods and faux succulents. Framed in contrasting wood, each piece is secured to the wall with a french cleat, included with purchase. We can make these to size.

Live Edge Maple End Tables


You don't know what's missing until you need it, like a place to set down your drink, or light a candle, or place a cherished picture. That's where these maple end tables come in, with unfussy styling and a refined rustic edge.

Maple Coffee/Tea Cart


Our clients knew just what they had in mind when they asked us to create this custom beverage cart: live edge maple with tons of character, holders for coffee and tea mugs, and slightly taller than the norm.
Yes, yes, and yes! Now they're building memories, one cup at a time.

Oak Live Edge Benches


Double trouble--no, double the fun! We've created two live edge oak benches from a reclaimed counter top, and placed them on funky metal "H" legs. Priced to sell! And to double the merriment, they are next to two maple benches in our showroom, so try to contain yourself and come on over!

Barn Wood Chalkboard


Seeing is believing, and when you see to-do lists, reminders, words of positivity, all written right in front of you, you can make it happen. Framed in wood with a past, it's a grounding complement to what you write to influence your future. Know that we can make these to size.

Barn Wood Slatted Bench


Space. Sometimes it what's you don't have that makes all the difference. Take a jumbled page of gibberish, reconfigure it with ample space, and you might have a stellar poem or piece of art. These slatted benches, with 1" spaces between the 85-year-old barn boards, are like that, allowing ample time to appreciate their history. Can be used for display (we made a 5' one for ourselves under a bank of windows), or as a low-profile bench or coffee table.

River's Edge Coffee Table


Sometimes we both have the same idea when we look at a slab of wood, imagining its possibilities. That's what happened with this piece of oak. There was a sizable split off center, and rather than simply cutting out the split and making do with small lengths, we both saw the beauty in what was there. Emphasizing the split by filling it with river rock in resin, what could have been a fault is now this table's strength.