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Spalted Maple Beverage Cart


Artfully repurposed--that's what's become of the local materials we chose to create this beverage cart. The live edge maple slab was recovered from Wood County; the lumber for the base was milled 30+ years ago by a retired carpenter who sourced it behind the Wis. Rapids Armory; the slatted shelf was from a 1960's basement wall in a home in the Town of Hull. Put it all together and you have a movable party, ready for fun!

Burr Oak Coffee Table


Recliner at the end of your sectional, yet you'd like a coffee table with character that fits in the space? Two chairs ready for conversation, yet you'd like a table for drinks in front? Look no further--it's right here in our showroom, in all its burr oak glory.

Maple Console Table


At the back of your sofa, in the entry, under a window--so many places this console table fits. Spalting on the edges gives it a little extra oomph.

Maple 4-Bottle Wall Holder


When the piece is stunning PLUS it's for storage, it's a winner! This wall holder can display bottles of many kinds, including wine, beer, flavored waters, oils, vinegar, and even towels (you know you want that spa bath look). Each one of these is unique, and we can make these to size.

Burr Oak Bench/Coffee Table


This bench is oak, tried and true, with a flare at one end that gives it a little sass. Check out the ribbons in the center, caused by a pocket where tree limbs met--special, indeed.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Bottle Holder


You know when you hear a song from the past, and you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing? This wall art is just like that. We can look at the boards and name every place we've been to reclaim that slice of history--try us! Adding the sleek metal bottle holder adds function and another reason to love this piece. Consider using it for wine, boomba (as Troy calls them) beer, cooking oils and vinegar, even towels--so many choices. We can make these in various woods and stains, but be forewarned: this piece is definitely a showstopper!

Pine Wall Art


"Make it simple, but significant." So says Don Draper, and we couldn't agree more. Case in point: this pine slab with wood rivulets and curves is art, all by itself. With a french cleat for secure hanging, nature and art are one.

Spalted Maple End Table


Next to 'most every seat in your home should be a place to rest a beverage. Look no further: this funky, organic end table is at your service. Homegrown maple, with a side of industrial legs--I'm in!

Black Creek Coffee Table


Open and honest. What you see is what you get. This unique coffee table is a "wow" every time you look at it. Super-thick, with a powerful live edge balanced by handmade trapezoid legs, it's a keeper.