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Pine Slab Coffee Table w/ Slatted Bench


Rugged. Solid. Substantial. This distinctive coffee table can take all you give it, and more. Put your feet up, have a pizza party, throw some dice or a rousing game of Jenga--this table has you covered, with beautiful storage below.

Live Edge Pine Console Table


Where are my...keys...phone...gloves? How about right here, on your handy console table?! Wider than most, this piece delivers function and style to boot. The warm golden oak stain paired with the solid metal legs is refined rustic at its best.

Oak Tabletop Beverage Caddies


What do you do when one of your slabs is so narrow, but the live edge rocks? Create three stellar tabletop beverage caddies, that's what! With a removable trough, each holds beverage bottles or cans, condiments (makes a handy Bloody Mary bar), herbs/plants--bet you can come up with loads of ideas. Each is unique, and an elegant way to present food and fun to your family and friends. Available in our showroom! Update: largest one is SOLD, and one smaller one is also SOLD.

Century Slatted Bench


Inspiration can come from anything. Eating lunch at a local Asian restaurant, Troy's tea was served on a slatted bamboo mat. We loved the textures of the ceramic teapot and linear bamboo, and how the light cast shadows on each. Fast forward three (intense, but fun!) days later, and we've created our take on a low-profile bench made with wood that is 85-100 years old with a mid-century/Asian flair.

Oval Slab Pine Coffee Table


Take an almost 4" thick pine slab from Black Creek and partner it with barn wood from a 1935 barn near Green Bay, and you now have history remade in a custom-created coffee table for this active family. At the client's request, we wood-burned the location and dates of this reclaimed wood, so the stories live on.

Live Edge Maple Table


Why make do, when you can make it your own? Our client recently purchased a condo, and wanted to start fresh. A renovation removed several decades of decor, leaving a canvas ripe for customization. This table will center conversations for years to come. What a pleasure to work together to create this piece!

Box Elder Maple Coffee Table


Wood works. Centering the conversation around this slab of box elder creates a treehouse-like feeling, comfortable, secure, and nestled in your own home surrounded by the beauty of nature. Put your feet up on this table and ponder the life this tree had, sharing your stories with family and friends.

Live Edge Maple Table


Lovingly gifted by parents for their newly-engaged daughter, this table was hand-selected, right down to choosing the maple slabs to be used to determining the live edge to selecting the stain. Custom makes a difference; this table will add character and comfort for decades to come.

Armory Pine Table


Inanimate objects don't speak. Yet, this farmhouse table says "Wow!" all day long. Created from pine milled 30+ years ago behind the Wis Rapids Armory, we placed the top on a base of reclaimed lumber from the same era from a retired carpenter in Plover, WI. Truly a beauty!