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Maple Desk


Clean, contemporary maple sets off this desk, sized at 5" with ample room to spread out. We paired this with 3" wide square tubing "X" legs, for added flair.

Maple Desk


Clean, contemporary maple sets off this 5' long desk, with ample room to spread out. We paired this with 3" thick square tubing "X" legs, for extra flair.

Flame Alder Desk


Flame alder, or fire elm, with its distinctive red lines in the grain, makes for a statement desk. With loads of live edge movement, it's a fantastic way to ground yourself in nature while working on your own inspiration.

Spalted Maple Desk


Whether you WFH, or need a space to call your own for gaming, crafting, or inspiration, this live edge deeply grained spalted maple desk is calling your name. At five feet, there's room to spread out, yet it fits in a number of places in your home. Come see this in our showroom!

Black Walnut Desk/Console Table


Stunning. Inspiring. Soothing. These are the feelings you experience when seated at this black walnut desk. The ebb and flow of the live edge lets you breathe deeply, centering you while you work. Also fantastic as a console table, this piece is dual purpose.

Armory Pine Desk/Table


Big box store desk? Not a chance! This warm pine desk has decades of history, and the pine grew right here in central WI. Pretty sweet to have that history to ground you while you do your work! Or, use it as a table--there's enough room for 2-4. Flat metal legs created right here, too--handmade, local, all the way around.

Tiger Walnut Desk/Table


Stunning executive desk, or extraordinary table for four? This rare tiger walnut piece does double duty all day long. The unique ribbon graining in the walnut is complemented by the industrial metal "X" legs. We rarely have access to tiger walnut--she's a beauty!

Spalted Maple Sit/Stand Desk


One of four custom desks created for a client's retail space, this spalted maple is a gem. The double live edges frame the warm, golden tones of the maple, while the Uplift sit/stand motorized desk frame is rated the best in the business. Can't wait to see this in its new home!

Spalted Maple Desk/Console Table


Space. It's important to have it, and to devote time and energy to keep it. This desk gives you the opportunity to have a workspace that is functional, beautiful, and fits in right where you need it to be.

Armory Pine Desk


Warm and welcoming, this pine desk stands at the ready for whatever your day brings. Substantial metal legs add that industrial flair. See it in our showroom!

Spalted Maple Desk/Sofa Table


This desk is a standout, with its dual live edges that are at once graceful and assured. Perfect for WFH, it also functions beautifully behind your sofa or in your entry. See it for yourself in our showroom!

Pine Desk


Most everyone in the home needs a space to work/create these days. Here's a desk that may be just what you're looking for. A single slab stained in Early American, it's a warm, traditional color that works in all kinds of homes. The squared metal legs give it an industrial edge, so you can get down to business!

Century Oak Desk


A century ago these oak beams were milled from oak trees on a rural Plover property to be used as supports in a family barn. We appreciate all the history these beams capture, and what's even better--we know you will, too, as a real-deal desk in your home.

Spalted Maple Desk/Console Table


Master the mix of live edge wood with mid-century hairpin legs, add in distinctive coloring (called spalting), and you've got an incredibly fresh take on refined rustic, ideal for your home. The ample width of 18" means this piece does double duty, both as a desk and as a sofa/entry table.

Maple Live Edge Desk


Most of life happens in the home, so why not have a desk with a story? You can record that life and those memories while seated at a piece of furniture made locally, from wood harvested just down the road. Paired with funky, X-marks-the-spot legs, this desk is where it's at.

Maple Desk


"Perfectly adequate." That's what our old desk was: fine, good enough, does its job. Last weekend, we talked about what does/does not inspire us in our immediate environment, and we both agreed to create a desk with presence in our office. So, we used a maple slab harvested down the road from us, paired it with modern metal legs, and now we have a desk with a story. Looking forward to seeing this beauty every day. We create furniture for the most important home--yours.