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Cedar Bench


Cedar is a great wood that straddles the indoor/outdoor line beautifully. Finished for interiors, this bench has the trifecta: beautiful graining, substantial metal legs, and the aroma that only cedar can bring.

Spalted Maple Bench


Tucked in just where you need it: to sit and put boots on, to hold a load of grocery bags, to welcome another into the conversation. Live edge spalted maple with a varied graining has what it takes to complete your room.

Pine Bench


"Come sit by me." Sweeter words were never spoken--even better when you have a beautiful seat to offer on this live edge pine. Sized to fit in loads of spaces, it's stained dark walnut to enhance the grain.

Red Elm Bench/Coffee Table


American elm trees are not that common anymore, and these slabs are even better with distinct red marks within the graining. Complete with double live edges and set off by metal "H" legs, this most definitely makes a statement in your home.

Pine Bench


The curves on this pine slab caught our eyes as we were selecting pieces in our slab shed to work on. Just the right size bench to fit in any number of spaces in your home!

Oak Slab Curved Bench


Eureka! We found this oak slab milled decades ago under loads of boards under a lean-to at a retired carpenter's estate sale in central WI. The curve drew us to what we thought was thick pine. After planing, we uncovered the beautiful grains of white oak. This heavy bench surely has a place in your home!

Oak Bench/Coffee Table


Rooted in tradition, yet has today's flair--that's this oak bench to a T. Tons of character, with a spalted curve at one edge just to throw in some sass.

Maple Bench/Coffee Table


At your service--this slim maple bench will fit in just about anywhere you need it. This live-edge slab has a flowy, dark/light graining that is subtle, yet oozes style. Where will it fit in your home?

Barn Beam Bench


100 years of history--this barn beam is the real deal, right from a barn in central WI. Amazingly intact, complete with tenon and pegs, it makes a statement bench for your home.

Oak Bench w/Black Resin Inlay


This may be the best seat in the house, as it's locally harvested oak fancied up with black resin inlaid in select areas. Set atop substantial metal "H" legs, it's ready for sittin'!

Burr Oak Bench/Coffee Table


This bench is oak, tried and true, with a flare at one end that gives it a little sass. Check out the ribbons in the center, caused by a pocket where tree limbs met--special, indeed.

Live Edge Maple Bench


Choosing authentic materials means we don't all have to live identically. Choosing pieces with a story means you get to live with history. Live edge maple harvested down the road from us in Plover, WI. Choosing how to live is everything.

Barn Beam Benches


Authentic, not fake. That's what you get with these 120 year old beams from a barn in Polonia built in 1900. We put an epoxy finish on top, to further preserve the character and charm. Two types of metal legs give you options--now that's a statement for any room in your home.

Spalted Maple Entry Bench


In the middle of renovating a family room, this couple knew they needed a bench by their back door. They came to our showroom, got ideas, and then we all moved to a back shed where we store slabs, ready for projects. Aha! Now you're talking! Ideas started flying, and the result: this custom spalted maple bench, created just for them.

Hackberry Bench


A local woodcutter found this tree, identifying it through its telltale bark. What a history this species has, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. First cultivated in 1636, many a pioneer cabin had durable hackberry wood flooring, and its fruit is popular with winter birds and many butterfly species. Sized to fit in any space at 2 1/2 feet, this bench adds color and charm to your home.

Black Walnut Bench


Black walnut is one of the most durable hardwoods in the US, and is highly prized for its dark-colored, straight grain. You'll love the warm sheen and practicality these benches add to your home. One now available.